Peace & Love! I'm Cue, the founder & Creatrix of
Eleven Eleven Candles & More. And I'm a Peacemaker by Divine design.


Over the years I became more sensitive to toxins such as the synthetic fragrances used in most candles, perfumes, and other common goods designed to make us "happy". They were causing me headaches and overloading my senses. I began to eliminate them for myself & my family every chance I could. In doing so, I not only noticed I had better health & clarity, but my awareness of energy also became stronger.

Healing crystals began to vibrate in my hands.
Plants began to communicate with me.
Bodies of water began calling me to them.

These ancient allies, angelic numbers and numerous other signs guided me to look deeper into the connection of THE SOUL TO THE BODY
-- the spiritual world to the physical world --
the unseen to the seen.

While answering the call to be a gestational carrier or commonly referred to as surrogate, I accepted the mission to create non-toxic all natural candles with healing crystals. I was learning more about my body than ever before. I made a powerful decision to consciously choose the energy I wanted to absorb, & get rid of the energy polluting my senses.
Soon I was reminded of how truly magical I am.
How magical every soul is!

Distractions of the senses, of the mind, & of the connections within the body interfere with our natural abilities to heal, consciously manifest, & follow our soul's journey with ease. 

In my practices, I've regained access to spiritual gifts that aide me in guiding others to tune into the truth of who they are. I began with the gentle introduction of our allies through products & workshops. I expanded into 1:1 Private Soul Work Sessions, helping individuals choose how to align with their soul. And after a recent vision of birthing a rainbow serpent, I offer sacred ceremonies as your cue to discover and love your Divine design, and why you are here. I see the powerful you. And I will spark your light for you to see your brilliance, too.

My mission is to deliver PEACE.
The world looks, feels, & responds differently from a place of peace. I invite you to experience it, also.
Know it. Live it. Be it.

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